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The kit of a shepherd - Matthew Lowden

The wares of a good shepherd.

The sheepfold, the key place which the Shepherd would protect the Sheepfold .

A shepherd had to walk long distances over difficult terrain, so he had to travel light. These are the items a well-equipped shepherd might carry:

  • Shepherds clothing, a woolen cloth or sheepskin
  • Water flask – which would be a piece of hardened clay pottery, or a gourd.
  • A bag – known as scrip which would contain, bread, cheese, olives , or dried fruit.
  • horn of oil – from an animal such as a ram, that can be used to contain oil that would be used to anoint / heal the wounds of the sheep
  • Staff – for guiding the sheep which consists of a long stick.
  • Rod / club – which is heavier and larger at one end than the other, with a cord at one end to tie it to a belt. 
  • A sling – as most notable used by David to defeat Goliath – a string with a pouch to which stone would sit.  With great skill and training, the sling would be swung to the point the stone would be released at 100-150mph at the target.
  • A musical instrument – pipe (a recorder, or horn) used like a recorder

This was the word by Matthew Lowden on 02OCT2016 ~ A typical biblical shepherd's kit.