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Noah's Ark - Fairy tale or Fact - Gareth Davie

Today's family service was about the faith, the sort of faith that Noah showed in building the ark and was commended for Hebrews 11: 1-2    & 7

The first 2 songs we sung were to:

In Christ Alone/ The Solid Rock

No other name

The word was taken from Genesis 67 & 8 where Gareth Davies split his word into 3 parts, which can be heard when accessing this link:

Noah's Ark - Fairytale or Fact - Part 1

Noah's ark - size comparison.

Part 1 was followed by a couple of songs that challenged to go out of our depth into faith.  These are an example of the tunes:


In Over My Head

Noah's Ark - Fairytale or Fact - Part 2

Full-size model of ark built a dutch man Johan Huibers'

Because building an ark is a big task, when to think of our God is being big, and we will all the more evident as we use mustard seed faith.  These songs we sung with the accompaniment of a piano, but here is an example of the songs from the web:

My God is so big

Faith as small as mustard seed

Noah's Ark - Fairytale or Fact - Part 3

The service ended with our last song.

Pocketful Of Faith